Mobile 117

It’s a GPS Tracker named “M117 Monitor” and “M117 Tracker”. Basically, they are two separate applications. The first one is an interface of a widget with a single button only. It is suppose to be use for non-police people only. Once you tap on that button, the phone will automatically locked and you’re giving some of your basic information like name, contact number, email address, your current approximated location in the police officers and the permission to track you down for the last 30 minutes signaling that you’re in trouble. On the other hand, the other app is intended for police officers only. What does it do is it monitors all of the non-police who “tapped” on the widget button, they can see the non-police, police officers and their self via Google Maps each of which have a markers indicating in w/c organization they are belong to i.e police, non-police and the police him/herself. For the non-police, they will be queued in the “list of victims” and in GMaps. They can also see some of your basic info like I said lately, while the co-police will only see them in GMaps along with their current approximate address.

Android Application